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Interview with 'Nefarious' Actor - Marissa Kruep

How did you first break into the industry?

I started out performing in a cut throat musical theatre program throughout my adolescence and moved to NYC to go to study acting in 2016. During my training at Stella Adler, I was constantly doing student films trying to build a

reel. I have since been working my way up in the film industry by being a part of the indie market for the past year. It is from doing these student films and indie shorts that I was able the land a lead role in the feature film Hundo coming to you in 2021!

Who/What inspires you as an actor?

As a child I found myself remaking movies I had seen or performing for anyone who would step into my home. I guess I never grew out of that “phase” lol . But in all seriousness, having the opportunity to portray a character that can potentially make someone from across the world feel seen is what drives me. Everyone wants to feel seen and heard. And as actors we can make that happen.


What was your best set moment on ‘Nefarious’?

The whole shoot day was extremely fun! A moment that still makes me laugh is when we were rehearsing a shot where Kathryn’s character takes a knife and cuts my hand for the ritual. But when she “cut” my hand with the dulled knife I made a noise that made it seem like it actually hurt me. She freaked out and when I said JUST KIDDING we all broke out in laughter. An easy prank for a great lighthearted moment!!

What sort of person is going to love this short?

Anyone who enjoys great story telling and horror with a comedic tone. 

What advice would you give aspiring actors?

Try to be on set as much as you can. Just because the work is unpaid doesn’t mean it is not worth your time. But, just because it is paid doesn’t mean it is worth your time. Believe in yourself! All the “NOs” you receive are making you stronger and are all leading you to the role you are meant to book! Lastly, do not be ashamed to say that you’re an actor. This career takes time to cultivate and people who do not respect/understand that are not worth losing your confidence and drive over.

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