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Interview with 'Elysia' actor - Wesley Holloway

How did you first break into the industry?

I started doing local theatre and loved performing. My parents encouraged me, and I started getting work. The first film I was in, We Need to Talk, was directed by Todd Wolfe.

What/who inspires you as an actor?

Art inspires me. Dancing, singing, music, theatre, drawing...all of it. I love the art form of acting. The actors and directors I have worked with and the actors I watch in movies and on shows inspire me. When I watch movies, I pause to take note of what is happening or what an actor is doing. I look at the choices being made by a director. I notice people who are working hard and who are becoming great. Their dedication is inspiring to me and pushes me to work harder.

What was the best set moment in Elysia?

The best moment was when I crept up on a vampire and was then attacked. There was blood everywhere.

What kind of people are going to love this short?

People who like horror and vampires and really cool special effects.

What advice would you give aspiring actors?

I would say to listen to the director and bring your best to set. Pay attention. Watch what everyone is doing and I mean, everyone. Put everything you've got on set and be that character from head-to-toe and inside-and-out.

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