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Interview with 'Delicious' actress - Olivia Gropp

How did you first break into the industry?

Originally, my parents placed me into a theater program at my brother’s school to help me with public speaking and to overcome shyness. I am not a very loud or “over the top” type of person, so I struggled with performing in front of others. However, I loved acting and had always wanted to participate in film and television but did not know where to start. My parents showed me Zombieland and The Walking Dead and I knew that I had to pursue acting so that, one day, I could be a part of something similar.

Who/What inspires you as an actor?

From a young age, my parents said that I resembled Audrey Hepburn. I try to emulate her as much as possible, whether it be her overall style or acting methods. I think that she is a true lady and someone I admire.

What was your best set moment on ‘Delicious’?

‘Delicious’ was my first horror film, so, overall, I had a great time shooting. The best moment, though, had to be when I was splattered with “blood” across my face. Even though I knew that it was going to happen, I was still genuinely shocked, which made it funny.

What sort of person is going to love this short?

I think that anyone who enjoys classic horror combined with a twist is going to thoroughly enjoy ‘Delicious.’ Everyone who was a part of the production is passionate about horror and I think it shows in their work.

What advice would you give aspiring actors?

Honestly, I have wanted to quit the industry so many times because you hear “NO” so much more often than “YES!” At the end of the day, however, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. I thank God that I have my parents who keep motivating me and supporting me every step of the way. I know that this may sound cheesy, but the only real failure is when you stop trying.

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