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Interview with 'Delicious' Actor - Loren Lepre

How did you first break into the industry?

On October 24th 2010. Being in a film was just something I wanted to do on my bucket list. On that day I played one of many zombies. I fell in love with film and jumped right in.

Who/What inspires you as an actor?

I always love how all of us look to the big screen at a movie character and just relate or want to be that person. It's an amazing feeling and the way I looked up to actors on the big screen when I was younger. I want to do the same thing for others. Just looking for that role that will. 

What was your best set moment on ‘Delicious’?

Changing into Davey ha ha. Getting all well grossed up with food products etcs ha. 

What sort of person is going to love this short?

Anybody that loves horror films and most of all, anybody who loves The Devils Rejects and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

What advice would you give aspiring actors?

Work a full movie set! A full feature learn what goes into a film. You can only more forward from that point.

Check out more of Lorens work here:

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